– 1906 Tug Baltimore Is Renewed for Second Half of Port’s 300th Celebration Year; Baltimore Leaves Dry Dock After Being Refurbished –

Baltimore, MD – The Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee announced today the organization’s designation of the Steam Tug Baltimore, the only operating hand coal-fired steam tugboat in all of North America and a National Historic Landmark, as its official flagship for the remainder of the 300th celebration year and beyond. The flagship embodies the entire essence of the Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee as one of the oldest functioning artifacts related to the history of the Port of Baltimore.

The 1906 Tug Baltimore left the dry dock of General Ship Repair Company today after having its bottom and hull restored. Its renovation was completed in time for the second half of the Port of Baltimore’s 300th celebration year, and in preparation for its 100th anniversary in October 2006. Since the Tug Baltimore was salvaged from Maryland’s Sassafras River in 1981, it has been part of the collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.


“It is an honor to have the Steam Tug Baltimore as our flagship. It represents the past, present, and future of the Port of Baltimore,” said Helen Delich Bentley, Chairwoman of the Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee, who re-christened the Steam Tug Baltimore when it was named a National Historic Landmark in 1993. “The Baltimore was the perfect choice to be our ambassador at sea.”

The Steam Tug Baltimore is the epitome of a 19th century narrow tugboat, and is the last of its kind. Tugboats originally were built narrow to escort ships in and out of ports. Today, tugboats are built wide to haul barges. While older tugboats, like the Steam Tug Baltimore, were powered by coal, newer tugs have diesel engines.

“The 1906 Tug Baltimore and the Port of Baltimore are sailing into the future with great optimism,” Bentley remarked. “The Baltimore will be the vanguard of the Port’s thrust into the 21st century and beyond. This vessel will continue to share history, the ‘now’ and the future of the great Port of Baltimore.”

About The Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee (www.PortofBaltimore300.org)

Under the leadership of the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, the Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee was created in June 2005. The Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee is a group of maritime industry experts as well as representatives from the city and state who are coordinating efforts to promote the 300th celebration year of the Port of Baltimore. Campaigns throughout the year recognizing the 300th anniversary include a signature event held in June 2006, bus tours of Dundalk and Seagirt Marine Terminals, participation in the city’s semi-annual Waterfront Festival and the Volvo Ocean Race in the Inner Harbor, the unveiling of a commemorative 300th anniversary license plate and fine lithograph print, as well as special exhibits and activities with partner


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