The Honorable Helen Delich Bentley’s first career was as a maritime reporter and Maritime Editor at The Sun, where she created the most-respected maritime section in the nation during her 24-year tenure, breaking important national stories through dogged determination and a personal style that made her famous from boardrooms to the docks. Her coverage of the supply problem for America’s war effort in Vietnam led to the institution of containers as the preferred method of cargo transport.

In 1950 she moved into television. Bentley produced, directed, edited, wrote and did interviews for her series, “The Port That Built a City,” and, later, “The Port That Built a City – and State.” Throughout, she still wrote and edited at The Sun. Her focus on the Port of Baltimore intensified both public and government awareness of the Port’s substantial economic impact on Maryland.

From 1969-1975, Bentley served as Chairman of the United States Federal Maritime Commission. At the time, she was the fourth-highest ranking woman in Federal government history.

From 1985-1995, Bentley served in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District. While in Congress, she sat on the Appropriations, Budget, Public Works & Transportation and Merchant Marine & Fisheries Committees, in addition to the Steel, Art, Northeast, Human Rights and Trade & Tourism Caucuses.

Since 1995, she has been President and CEO of Helen Bentley & Associates, Inc., specializing in government relations and business development. Bentley is also a consultant to the Maryland Port Administration and a small businesswoman.

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Throughout her career, Bentley has tirelessly promoted two primary issues – the advancement of America’s maritime community, and America’s industrial/manufacturing base.

The Honorable Helen Delich Bentley
Chairman for the Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee

Horace Alston
President of the International Longshoreman’s Association Baltimore District

Bud Nixon
Vice-Chairman of the Port of Baltimore Tricentennial Committee

F. Brooks Royster, III
Executive Director of the Maryland Port Administration (MPA)

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